VIRGINIA BEACH -- The City of Virginia Beach is closely monitoring Hurricane Arthur.

City officials say the main threat is to Chesapeake Bay beaches due to high tide Friday and northerly winds which is expected to produce waves on the bay of 4 to 5 feet and a minor storm surge of about 1 to 1.5 feet.

The effect will like cause some erosion and the potential for some minor nuisance flooding.

One of the biggest indicators of conditions at the beach is the red flag warning.Lifeguards are urging residents and visitors to use extreme caution at the beach today.

Lifeguards urge beach-goers to be extremely cautious of dangerous currents and surf. They say even the strongest of swimmers cannot withstand some of the conditions that come along with these storms.

Some visitors said nothing was going to stop them from their weekend getaway.

'It's beautiful out here right now. But you know, like they say, there's always the calm before the storm,' tourist Lisa Davis said.

City staff, including lifeguards, will be fully staffed throughout the storm.

'Immediately, we'll begin working on getting the beach put back together. Whatever grooming we need to do, whatever cleaning we need to do, so that we'll be wide open for business on Saturday,' said Life Guard Supervisor Tom Green. 'Because the Fourth festivities will eventually go on - just a little later.'

Forecasts call for total rainfall in Virginia Beach of less than 2 inches.

Less of an impact is expected for the Atlantic Ocean beaches as the storm moves farther east. Winds are expected to move parallel to those beaches.

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