VIRGINIA BEACH -- Hurricane Arthur will mark the first big test for a multi-million dollar sand replenishment project in Sandbridge.

Last summer, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management replenished roughly 2.2 million cubic yards of sand, extending the secluded beach 200 feet after it was heavily damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

'Sandbridge is probably going to be the first to feel it more than anybody else, particularly going inland,' said Drew Lankford, a spokesman with Virginia Beach Public Works.

Lankford says the nearly $12 million replenishment will play a crucial role in reducing beach erosion during Hurricane Arthur.

'People say, 'Well that's a lot of money to spend on sand.' It's not about spending on sand there's a lot of economic development going on here in Sandbridge every year,' Lankford said.

Lankford said teams of engineers will be patrolling for damage and any flooding early Friday morning as the storm reaches Virginia Beach.

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