UPDATE 10/9: Bryan Lowe is scheduled for a preliminary hearing this morning.

UPDATE 8/7: Bryan Lowe was denied bond, according to the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- An Army veteran's wife said Wednesday the VA hospital failed to properly treat her husband before he got arrested last week for trying to steal a baby.

'The system is failing a veteran, a decorated war veteran,' Lisa Lowe told 13News Now.

Lowe's husband, Bryan Lowe, was arrested for trying to take a baby outside a home in the Sherwood Lakes neighborhood.

Prosecutors at a bond hearing said Lowe followed the father into his driveway, got out and said 'give me your son.'

The defense argued that Lowe didn't know there was a child inside that SUV because the windows are very tinted.

Police say Lowe left after the father ran inside his home. Lowe was arrested a short distance away.

Police say man attempted to abduct infant from father at gunpoint

'I want to relay to the family that I'm not minimizing the situation. We're not these people that would set out to intentionally hurt anyone,' Lowe stressed.

Bryan Lowe served in the Army for 24 years, earning three bronze stars for valor. He did multiple combat tours and trained Iraqi security forces in 2007. But returning to civilian life wasn't easy. Lowe was diagnosed with PTSD and prescribed several drugs to control his depression and moods. Days before his arrest, Lowe's wife realized he wasn't taking his medications properly.

'He was treated at the VA with meds, but they don't follow up. I went to try to speak with the doctor who prescribed him all these meds,' Lisa Lowe said. I have not had a phone call back after multiple attempts.'

After Lowe was arrested, VA officials told his family they had a psychiatric bed ready for him. However, the judge wouldn't grant Lowe bail because of the serious charges he's facing. Lowe's attorney has appealed the judge's bail decision, and a new bond hearing is set for Thursday.

Virginia Beach Jail has one psychiatrist for about 350 inmates with mental health problems. Jail spokesperson Mark Schuster said state and federal funding is low for mental health treatment.

'Jail has become the last resort. we try to do as best we can,' Schuster said.

Lowe's wife says he won't get the help he needs in jail.

'My husband needs to get the care that he needs and deserves. If we don't get the help for these veterans this will continue to happen more and more,' she said.

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