RALEIGH, N.C. -- Undergraduates at North Carolina State University are being credited with creating a new kind of nail polish.

According to the Triangle Business Journal, the polish doubles as a way to prevent sexual assault. The nail polish changes color when the person wearing it is exposed to date rape drugs.

How it works:

The person wearing the nail polish has to use their finger to stir their drink. If the drink has a date rape drug in it, the nail polish will change colors.

The Washington Post reports, 55 percent of about 1,570 colleges and universities with more than 1,000 students received at least one report of forcible sex offense on campus in 2012. Between 2010 and 2012 there were 14 forcible sex offenses reported on N.C State's campus.

Undercover Colors, which was started by four males students, is raising money to refine the prototype and to pay executives. The Triangle Business Journal found that the company raised $100,000 from one investors, with $150,000 let to sell in the round.

The company won the Lulu eGames this spring, which is sponsored by N.C. State's Entrepreneurship initiative. The contest challenges students to design working solutions to real-world problems.

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