A big change could be coming to your next chicken dinner. Perdue says it's stopped using human antibiotics in virtually all of its chickens and 100% of its egg hatcheries. The company is still using animal antibiotics, which critics say are just as dangerous.

It seems mobile banking apps are becoming more and more popular. A survey by the Federal Reserve found the most common use for these apps is checking balances. That balance information is helping customers save money, too. Many of them get alerts on their phones when balances drop below a certain level, which helps to avoid overdrafts. That's reduced overdraft fees, which were lucrative for banks.

Believe it or not, there are people already waiting in line outside Apple's flagship store in New York. What are they waiting for? Whatever Apple is announcing next Tuesday. It could be a new iPhone, a Smart-watch or something else entirely. Right now, Apple isn't saying and it seems it doesn't really matter to the people waiting in line. They just want to be the first to get whatever it is.
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