Babies born with rare birth defects usually have to wait years to have it removed. But surgeons in Norfolk encouraged a local couple to take action now.

Eight-month-old Cami Faison was born with a tiny bruise on the tip of her nose. It quickly grew into an unsightly and painful growth the size of a golf ball. "They said it would go away. Two weeks after she was born, it was just getting bigger," recalled Anna Faison.

Plastic surgeons at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters advised the Faisons that it was better to remove the growth now, before their daughter was teased and taunted by other children.

Two weeks after the surgery, the happy parents said the early surgery will give their daughter a head start. "I just think about it and she's probably gonna have a heck of a lot more normal life now," said Ken Faison.

Little Cami will need laser surgery on her arm on a bump there. But after that, she may not need any further surgery.

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