NORFOLK-- Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was in Norfolk Sunday speaking at the Ted Constant Center.

The event, called 'Freedom Fest,' was meant to honor the military and first responders, thanking them for their service and sacrifice.

Radio talk show host Steve Batton lined up the show.

'The event is obviously given the speaker leans to the right, but it is for all Americans and it is to salute military and first responders. That's at the very core of what we're trying to do here tonight.'

But you couldn't escape the politics. A small group of protesters waved signs. One raised a toilet against Palin, a potential candidate for the 2012 presidential seat. 'This toilet seat is the only seat she's qualified to run for,' protester Jeanne Serrano said.

Palin fans want Republicans to take control of Washington. They came fired up, excited for change.

'We need to cut down government debt and spending. We must put our country back on the right fiscal course and make sure we are not spending our future generation's prosperity,' Palin fan Scott Weldon said.

'Right now the oil spill is a big issue. The U.S. is one of the most powerful countries in the world, and we don't have the resources to clean up an oil spill,' Palin fan Kristie Colorado said.

In regards to the BP disaster, protesters outside said Palin's motto 'drill baby, drill' isn't the answer.

'You mean spill baby spill? I'm all for the moratorium on offshore drilling, ' protester Shelia Walters said.

'When it comes to your country, how many people attending this Palin event actually read books?' Serrano said.

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