What is it? A deviceto clean your windshield wipers and smooth out the rough edgesso that they don't cause streaking.

What does it claim? That three easy steps can make your old wipers work like new in just seconds!

Who tested it? Virginia Beach resident Lisa Volkman.

What are the instructions? It's important to note that Wiper Wizard claims to be safe and effective on all wiper blades and it's guaranteed or your money back. The instructions are pretty simple. Just slide the Wiper Wizard on to your wiper blades. Then gently swipe the Wiper Wizard up and down the wiper blade. Now just clean the debris off with the Wizard Wipes which are included.

Did it work? Our tester found out the wiper on the back of her vehicle, which was creating the worst streaking,actually was missing part of the blade. So she used Wiper Wizardon the front wipers, which had the needed pieces and were also creating some streaks. She was pretty impressed. One wipe with the Wiper Wizard and they were cleaning streak-free.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Wiper Wizard at CVS Pharmacy for $9.99.

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