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What is it? a natural latex, non-toxic adhesive that bonds permanently. It can be used on virtually any porous fabric and will not wash out.

What does it claim? to create a flexible, non-toxic bond in just three minutes

Who tested it? Virginia Beach resident and father of three Berk Jolly

What Are The Instructions? You start by dispensing a thin, metered amount of Tear Mender onto whatever you are trying to mend. For fine or thin fabrics, you would use the 'Capplicator wheel' that comes with Tear Mender to dispense a thin amount of the adhesive. For thicker fabrics, you can use your finger to make sure it gets where you need it.

Did it work? Our tester was pretty impressed. He wasn't sure how he was going to fix the big rip in his children's inflatable bounce castle. The holes were so big it wouldn't even inflate. But after just one application of Tear Mender and a 15-minute wait, his kids could use it again. Not all sides of the hole stayed bonded once inflated, but it was bonded enough to make the bounce castle usable. Our tester planned to do another application just to ensure it stayed fixed.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Tear Mender the Crafter's Companion at Hancock Fabrics for $7.99.

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