Audience member Georgiana asks Dr. Oz if there are any foods that can help her polycystic ovary syndrome (a female endocrine disorder resulting in irregular menstruation linked to subfertility, insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity).

Dr. Oz congratulates Georgiana on her pregnancy (as it is difficult to become pregnant while faced with the disease) and tells her the best way to beat polycystic ovarian disease is by being smart about the foods she eats, besides taking the drug Glucophage or Medformin (which turns the liver on so it can start to take care of the insulin and sugar levels more effectively).

Audience member Rachel tells Dr. Oz that she is constantly stressed and sick. Rachel asks Dr. Oz what the causes might be.

Dr. Oz asks Rachel to examine what is going on in her life, and he reminds Rachel that if she pushes her body too hard, it will become inefficient.

Dr. Oz reminds Rachel that beyond medications, foods, tips, and drugs, she needs to figure out ways to manage her stress levels. The combination of keeping up with managing the stress and taking better care of her diet should help overall.

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