What is it? a hand held vacuum powered grooming system

What does it claim? to be an incredible cordless pet vac that gives you a mess free way to control shedding

Who tested it? Norfolk resident and the owner of Bow Meow pet sitting service Lety Parr.

What Are The Instructions? First, you need to insert the three AAA batteries. You open the battery compartment by squeezing it on both sides. Once the batteries are in place, you're ready to introduce the Shed Pal to your pet.

The introduction should be made with the power off. Just use the Shed Pal to brush your pet with long, firm strokes. The soft rubber head of the Shed Pal will loosen and pull hair from the undercoat to collect on the surface at the end of each stroke.

After your pet is comfortable with the brushing strokes, introduce suction by turning on the Shed Pal and collect the gathered hair. Continue the 'stroke and then collect' motion. Once your pet is properly introduced, it will associate the sound with the gentle massaging action of Shed Pal. Choose an environment familiar to your pet, with background noise. That will help your pet feel relaxed and comfortable.

When your Shed Pal hair container is full, you need to first turn off the motor. Then open up the hair container door over a dustbin and turn the motor on. The container will automatically empty. Be sure not to touch the rotating fan or insert fingers into the fan compartment when the Shed Pal is switched on. Once it's emptied, just close the hair container door and resume grooming.

If you get a pet hair tangle in the rotating fan compartment, turn off the Shed Pal and remove the batteries. Then twist the grooming head counter-clockwise and lift off the main unit. Place a pencil or screw driver against the unit's rotating fan blad to keep it from spinning. Next, remove the black fan cover with your other hand by turning counter-clockwise. Carefully lift off the rotating fan unit. Remove the tangled pet hair. Then replace the fan blade unit and the grooming head.

It's important to note the Shed Pal is for pet use only. It's never to be used on human. It's also not a toy, so it should not be used by children.

Did it work? Our tester was really hoping it would work, but unfortunately Shed Pal did not live up to her expectations. Her dog Bogey is a Chow so shedding is a big issue. When she tried the Shed Pal on Bogey, it didn't get up much hair. In fact , our tester was able to get more with her hand than with the Shed Pal(cq). Not ready to give up on it just yet she decided to give it a try on her cat Lola. Turns out it didn't work on Lola either. It actually was knotting up her hair. That's when our tester decided Shed Pal(cq) gets a thumbs down in her book.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Shed Pal for $19.88 at area Wal-mart stores.

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