What is it? a plastic tumbler with a top and special 'magic freezer cubes' that you put inside the tumbler, add your favorite beverage and shake to make slushies.

What does it claim? to make slushies in seconds

Who tested it? Jennifer Roberts, Paul McCoy and Dick Lamb, the Morning Crew at 92.9 The Wave.

What Are The Instructions? First, put the 'Reusable Freezer Cubes' in your freezer until they are frozen. It will take two to three hours in most freezers. Once frozen, put the three frozen cubes into the Slushy Magic cup. Pour in your favorite cold drink to the fill line. The colder your drink, the faster it works and the slushier it gets.

Next, screw on the 'lid' until it's secure.

Place your finger over the hole on the 'lid' and shake for one to two minutes or until you get your desired slushiness.

For carbonated drinks, you should lift your finger off the hole every two to three shakes to allow some pressure to release.

Now, remove the 'lid' and enjoy!

Did it work? Our testers were impressed. Once the 'reusable freezer cubes' were fully frozen, it took Jennifer, Paul and Dick no time at all to turn orange juice into an orange slushie.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Slushy Magic at Rite Aid for $14.99.

Additional Comments: The 'Slushy Magic Cup' and 'Lid' are both top rack dishwasher safe. The 'Reusable Freezer Cubes' and 'Spoonstraw' are NOT. They need to be hand washed in warm soapy water then air dried.

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