NORFOLK -- This week on Joe's Job, 13News anchor Joe Flanagan went to Doumar's Drive-In and worked with the four dayside waitresses who give curbside service to customers.

Kerri DeMaio, Jemelia Pickett, Angela Gagne and Michelle Miller are experienced and know how to do this job with personality, skill and an incredible ability to memorize everything. In fact, when they yell out their orders to the kitchen, everyone in the kitchen is memorizing too. Nobody takes notes. Even Chris the beverage man listens and prepares by memory. The codes they use are something to hear.

'Order of fries to ride ketchup on the side and two plain. Two one jumbo with cherry...'

'We have lingos for mustard and onions. It's called dressed. Mustard, relish and onions is called All the Way,' said waitress Pickett.

When it was Joe's time to try giving an order, he kept turning to Jemelia for help.

90-year-old Albert Doumar can still bake cones on the same machine his uncle Abe used in 1905 when he invented the waffle cone.

'Yeah, we were the first. It was all waffle cones for about 20 years,' added Doumar.

Joe says it was a great day at Doumar's. They said they were going to consider him an honorary waiter in training until there was an accident. The tray, loaded with food, was supported on the customer's car and let go when the driver reached for a drink. The entire $20 order hit the pavement. Joe was waiting for the words made famous by Donald Trump, 'You're fired!'

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