VIRGINIA BEACH - As Election Day draws near, the candidates for U.S. Senate are on the campaign trail.

In the continuing battle for the heart and soul of military voters, George Allen Wednesday met with about two dozen veterans in Va. Beach.

They discussed care at V.A. facilities, changes to Tricare benefits, defense sequestration cuts and other military issues.

'He's ready to go on Day One. I can't say that about Gov. Kaine, said Cory Dillard.

Not all the vets were supporting GOP Allen. Air Force and Vietnam War vet Tom Reel of Norfolk is backing Democrat Tim Kaine, saying he's the better choice for people concerned about veteran issues and national defense.

The federal government estimates about 800,000 veterans live in Virginia.

Meantime, the White House is again discouraging defense contractors from warning their workers about potential layoffs from across-the-board budget cuts that are set to take place on Jan. 2.

The Associated Press reports the Office of Management and Budget says the government will cover the legal costs of any contractors that might face liability if they have to lay off workers without giving them a warning. OMB says it's too speculative to issue warnings now because it's not known whether cuts will actually take effect.

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