NORFOLK -- Students from Old Dominion University gathered to watch the first of 3 debates between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney Wednesday night.

The incumbent and his Republican challenger covered several topics related to domestic policy. Among the issues debated: health care, employment, and education.

'President Obama commented how he wants to lower tuition, and it's been the past 3 years going up 25 percent, and whatever he's doing, I want him to stop,' said Michael Cogar, a member of ODU College Republicans.

'Really, what I see under Obama isn't the direction this country needs to go in. I'm worried about getting a job when I leave college, and I think Romney can do that,' offered the group's president Martin Cornick during the debate. 'He's really addressing the President up front, tackling the economy, which is really an important issue in this election.'

'Both candidates are doing extraordinarily well,' President of ODU Young Democrats Terrell Kingwood told 13News Wednesday night.

Of President Obama, Kingwood said, 'He's pro-abortion, pro-equal rights. He's given opportunities to millions of college student across the United States, not just Virginia,' adding, 'I'm connected to him. I'm connected to him morally, socially, and just economically.'

Fellow member of ODU Young Democrats Kim Kola agreed.

'I mean, the whole point of this election is just relatability to people, and I really feel he understands where I'm coming from as a student, as someone from the middle class, and Romney is just not showing that to me tonight.'

The next presidential debate is scheduled to take place October 16.

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