What is it?a portable vibration speaker

What does it claim?that you can turn ANYTHING into a speaker.

Who tested it? Norfolk resident and Young Life leader Nicki Kristol

What Are The Instructions ? The first thing you need to do is slide down the Winder lock to unlock the cable winder. Then hold the cable winder between your thumb and index finger and open the vibration head with the other thumb. Hold the speaker body and then unwind the speaker cable. Hold the cable winder and then pull the wind head. Now slide the switch to ON to turn on the power, the LED light will be green color. Pull out the 3.5mm audio jack from the speaker body and connect it into your audio device. You can control the volume on your audio device. Remove the protective film and then attach the vibration head to a hollow object like an empty box or a plastic cup.

Now roll the volume controller to get your favorite volume. After you're done using your Rock-it 3.0 wind up the cable by holding the winder with one hand and turning the speaker body with the other. After you're done winding the cable, reattach the vibration head to the winder. Then just slide back the winder lock to lock the winder.

The Rock-it 3.0 is rechargeable with a standard USB Type A interface (connects to PC USB ports) or safety certified AC adapters. The LED light is green during charging. The LED light will turn red once the battery is fully charged. Standard charging time will be two hours.

Did it work? Kristol was pretty impressed. She first tried hooking the Rock-it 3.0 to her plastic cup. She found that audio to vibrate a little too much for her liking. But when she hooked it up to an empty box and a cooler , she was surprised at how much volume was coming out of her iPhone. While she didn't think it would take the place of a great stereo system.. she did think it was perfect for tailgating or back yard barbecue.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Rock-it 3.0 at Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99.

Additional Comments:
The Rock-it 3.0 actually enables you to connect one device into another, capable of forming a virtually endless 'daisy chain' of self-powered, bass-enhanced portable speakers. With this feature you can now combine your speaker together with your friends.

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