NORFOLK -- Fire officials said someone threw 4 Molotov Cocktails at a home in Beechwood Apartments Monday afternoon.

The person accused of throwing them supposedly wanted a more intimate relationship with a tenant at the complex. She turned him down.

Captain Mike Hicks with Norfolk Fire and Rescue told 13News 1 of the 4 explosives thrown went off, catching some shrubs on fire.

'Spurned suitor type deal, yeah, I don't understand how people get that obsessive about it. It's like there's so many people in the world that, you know, that one said, 'No,' okay, try the next one. It's not that deep,' said Tonia Lloyd who was unable to leave her home for a couple of hours Monday.

Norfolk's bomb squad along with FBI and ATF agents were called to the 7800 block of Ogden Avenue to assist firefighters because of a backpack left behind by the person believed to have thrown the explosives. Fire crews weren't sure if the bag contained additional homemade bombs.

Until crews determined the backpack was not a threat, several people who lived close to the targeted apartment were asked to leave their homes.

Hicks said Norfolk police are familiar with the person believed to have thrown the explosives, and officers know places where he hangs out. They recovered gas-soaked pants from one of those locations.

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