JARRATT-- An innocent man remains in prison Wednesday, despite the fact that linvestigators say his accusor, Elizabeth Coast, admitted she made up the accusation.

From the Greensville Correctional Facility, 26-year-old Johnathon Montgomery calls the legal wrangling keeping him in jail, 'garbage.'

'I think it's ridiculous. I think they should let me out and let me be on my merry way and get on with my life,' Montgomery said.

On Friday a Hampton circuit court judge ordered him released from prison after Elizabeth Coast confessed to police that she lied, but his release was blocked by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

'Not only has she (Coast) ruined my life, she has probably ruined hers as well,' Montgomery said.

Montgomery has been an innocent man in prison for almost four years, but on the phone he sounded upbeat waiting for the day he will be released. He knows it's coming. He just doesn't know when.

Hampton's deputy defense attorney has filed a motion in circuit court to have another hearing, but the Attorney General's Office claims the court overstepped its jurisdiction.

Montgomery says, 'There's nothing I can do now except wait.'

Elizabeth Coast has been charged with perjury.

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