NORFOLK - As we celebrate all we have this holiday season, it can be a reminder of those who aren't as fortunate.

There are many ways to help - donations to the foodbanks, buying clothing for children through the WVEC-Salvation Army Angel Tree and the Union Mission, which has been helping others for more than a century.

Every day of the year, workers and volunteers prepare and serve meals - sometimes to as many as 300 people a day.

'Without the Union Mission, I don't know where I would be,' said Thomas Scott, a former shipyard worker who says, through the combination of alcohol and being laid off, he ended up homeless. 'They helped me get my focus back.'

On Monday night, several churches and a restaurant owner Wendy Corridon did the cooking and serving in Norfolk.

'This is something that I grew up with. We do it regular, always. From Trinidad, we came up here. My mom used to pack barrels and take it down to Trinidad to feed the homeless, so we've been doing this for years,' she said.

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