VIRGINIA BEACH - A woman parked at a Virginia Beach restaurant called police about a towing notice left on her vehicle.

Investigators say it could be an attempt to get money from patrons who were parked legally at Village Inn on Independence Blvd.

The woman was there Wednesday night and police say the Village Inn did not request her vehicle to be towed.

The flyer says it was posted for Zippy's Towing Service LLC and that a truck was on its way to remove it. It also warned the woman not to move her vehicle because the company had her license plate number. The flyer stated it will cost $155 cash only to get it out of impound.

Some locals suspect the flyers may have been used as a distraction for another crime.

'If they wanted to tow it, they would have towed it. Most people know that,' said Virginia Beach resident Joseph Patterson. 'Maybe they wanted you to read it so they could catch you off guard and jump you.'

Police ask anyone with information about this possible scheme to call the Virginia Beach Police Department Economic Crime Unit at 757-385-4101.

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