NEWPORT NEWS-- Police say a sixth-grader brought a loaded handgun to Dozier Middle School in Newport News Wednesday.

According to police spokesman Lou Thurston, students notified a school security officer around 8:30 a.m. that another student had shown a handgun to students in a restroom.

The security officer, along with a school resource officer, went to the 12-year-old's classroom and called him out of class.

Officers then learned that the gun was still in the classroom, allegedly in the suspect's notebook.

Thurston said an officer removed the notebook and found the gun.

The student allegedly said he brought the gun from his home to show other students.

Thurston says nobody was threatened or injured.

After hearing the news Archibald Turner came to the middle school to pick up his daughter in 8th grade. 'I was uncomfortable sitting at home and didn't know how she felt about it, so I came to pick her up. She was not too happy about it. But I feel a lot better, her mother feels a lot better.'

Turner said his daugher wanted to know why her dad picked her up if the gun was already found. 'Because I care, I love you and I don't want to take that chance,' he told her.

The boy was taken into custody and charged with possession of a firearm on school property and possession of a weapon under the age of eighteen.

The suspect has been placed on electronic monitoring and released to his parents.

Parents were notified of the incident through a recorded message.

Amelia Parker has a son at Dozier and after hearing the message she came to the school to try to get some information. 'We need to start taking security measures today, rather than tomorrow, because tomorrow may be too late,' Parker said.

School personnel commend the students who notified the school security officer.

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