NORFOLK While the snow is melting, the threat of slick, dangerous roads is sticking around.

VDOT officials tell us crews will monitor the highways for icy spots all night Saturday. As the temperature stays below freezing, police are warning folks to stay home if they can. 'Black ice is the main concern. Just go slow. Even though it doesn't look like there's much, you still got to go slow,' driver Jake Savi said.

In Chesapeake Saturday night, icy conditions kept a portion of Bainbridge Blvd closed from Libertyville Rd. to Route 17. In Suffolk, public works crews were out for most of the day cleaning up side roads.

'It's kind of scary for me because I'm not used to the snow. You have to be very cautious about spinning and everything else like that. It's an adventure,' driver Monique Miles remarked.

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