NORFOLK--Pothole repairs are underway throughout Hampton Roads, following the winter's first snow last Friday, but the pavement isn't the only thing that needs to be fixed.

Automotive repair shops are handling a large volume of damage caused by potholes.

'A lot of time when we see pothole damage it's more than just a bent wheel or an actual ruptured tire itself, we see undercarriage issues,' says automotive technician Brian Harris at AAA Tidewater in Norfolk.

Harris warns that wheel alignment issues can take several days or longer to notice after you hit a pothole.

Signs that the alignment needs to be adjusted are uneven tread wear on tires, a steering wheel that doesn't line up straight, and a vehicle that pulls to one side or another while you are driving.

Harris suggests that you have your tires properly inflated to minimize pothole damage.

'If the tire is over or under-inflated that will cause worse damage,'says Harris.

You can find the proper tire inflation information on the inside frame of your driver-side door.

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