PORTSMOUTH-- Two schools were treated for bed bugs over the weekend after two were found on students Thursday and Friday.

After an inspection of I.C. Norcom High School and Lakeview Elementary, no bed bugs were found, according to Nita Mensia-Joseph, the Director of Operations for Portsmouth Public Schools. The treatment was done as a precaution.

At I.C. Norcom, a student complained of itching Friday and was subsequently sent to and evaluated by the school nurse. The nurse found and bagged a small insect that was identified by a pest management company as a bed bug around 2:45 p.m.after school had been dismissed.

The building was inspected and no bed bugs were found in the school.

The areas frequented by the student affected were identified and treated Friday evening. Also, 1 bus that may have transported the student was treated.

ConnectEd phone messages were sent to parents on Friday and again on Monday. Letters were sent to parents Monday since students had already left for the day when the bed bug was identified.

The school will be inspected again some time this week.

At Lakeland Elementary, a bug was found on a student boarding the bus at the end of an after school program on Thursday. The bug was bagged, evaluated, and confirmed to be a bed bug.

The building was inspected and no bed bugs were found in the school.

The elementary school was treated Friday night and Saturday morning along with 2 busses that may have transported the student. Bags were delivered to the school Friday so that each student's items could be segregated and monitored.

Letters went home to parents as well as communication through the automated ConnectEd phone messaging system occurred.

The health department was notified in both cases by the nursing department.

Tentative investigation identified the Norcom case a confirmed home infestation. The Lakeview case was inconclusive as to the source of the bed bug, said Mensia-Joseph.

The remaining 139 busses in the school bus fleet will be treated this week.

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