VIRGINIA BEACH-- Fans who had season tickets for the Virginia Destroyers say they've waited long enough and want to know when they'll get their refunds.

When the UFL season ended abruptly in the fall, football fans say they received little to no information about getting a ticket refund for games they never saw.

'It was just a Facebook post. We didn't even receive messages as season ticket holders and they just haven't said anything since,' says Shawn Fagan, who had season tickets with his fiancee and friends.

When the league suspended play in October it said that play could resume in Spring 2013, so Fagan thought it was time to call the Destroyers but was disappointed with the result.

'I've actually had the tickets sitting on my desk to keep me reminded of calling them and so I decided this weekend to call them and the numbers were disconnected,' says Fagan.

The team's official website is shut down and the phone number on their Facebook page doesn't work either.

13News went to the Sportsplex Monday and couldn't find any sign of the team.

An official at the Sportsplex tells 13News that the Destroyers keep an office at the U.S. Field Hockey National Training Center but that office is also closed and the gate locked.

Calls to the team's local representative all went straight to voicemail.

The phone number on their business license is also disconnected.

The Virginia Beach Commissioner of the Revenue's office says that the Destroyers business license is current through March 1, 2013 and the team has paid all the admissions taxes it owed.

A source close to the UFL tells 13News that the league will likely not resume in 2013.

The source says the UFL may return in 2014 with help from CBS Sports and the NFL, but he's not sure where the teams would locate.

'I'm out $150,' says Fagan, 'It's a disgrace.'

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