NORFOLK-- Mayor Paul Fraim sent a letter to VDOT Commissioner Gregory Whirley Thursday expressing his outrage at VDOT's maintenance on the Interstates that run through the city.

In the letter, Fraim says City Council has received several calls about the 'state of disrepair' on I-64 and I-264 in the last several months.

Fraim stresses the significance of the roadways to the local economy and says, 'The idea that this is the best possible level of maintenance that VDOT can provide is very concerning.'

He says some 35,000 to 40,000 people work in the downtown business district so it's important to make driving in and out of the city a pleasant experience.

Fraim says he believes the potholes that caused damage to several cars on Feb. 8 was, 'foreseeable and, therefore, preventable.'

Fraim also says he believes the person responsible should be held accountable.

'The fault of VDOT to prevent this deterioration of one of the busiest roadways in the region and the Commonwealth of Virginia was the apparent result of a failure of management,' he wrote.

The letter comes as VDOT's Hampton Roads District Adminstrator Dennis Heuer announced he was resigning effective Friday, Feb. 15. VDOT Commissioner Whirley said, in a telephone news conference, that the pothole situation was not the reason Heuer is leaving.

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