NORFOLK---Confronting pothole issues head-on is the first order of business for VDOT's new interim District Administrator Mike Estes.

He sat down with 13News Friday for his first interview since taking over duties from VDOT's former administrator Dennis Heuer.

'My first approach was to get on the ground and ascertain the situation on I-264 and other interstates on the Southside,' said Estes.

Estes addressed the department's image following the recent pothole meltdown on I-264, and the joint closure of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel and the James River Bridge back in September which turned into a traffic nightmare.

'We can talk the talk, but people need to see the work and the progress,' he said. 'I think people will start to see a stark contrast on I-264 and I-64 in the coming weeks and months.'

Estes also has a close eye on TME Enterprises, the department's contracted road maintenance company, whose pothole work recently came under review.

'Right now my goal is to bring about stability in our operations.'

Before coming to Hampton Roads, Estes served as VDOT's Director of Strategic Initiatives in Richmond, and he spent eight years as the department's local government liason.

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