WILLIAMSBURG-- For one day only, workers at the Norge Dental Center in Williamsburg donate their time to help the uninsured.

It's all part of 'Dentistry from the Heart,' a national program that provides free dental care.

Mary Redden of Newport News was all smiles about the program. 'I came because I don't have dental insurance. I can't afford it, and I needed some work done on my teeth.'

William Chamblee needed work too. He drove from Gates County, North Carolina Friday night. He slept in a sleeping bag on the front porch of the clinic. 'I came up alone, but some of the other people outside with me passed the time by playing cards.'

The lines were long, but people didn't seem to care. They had dental needs that had to be met. Dr. Tim Johnson and his big staff were treating them for free. 'We are doing everything from fillings and extractions through the ceiling.'

Last year, they treated about 250 patients on this day, and hoped to top 300. James Sagurton heard about it on the radio in Morristown, New Jersey. 'I guess these events happen all over the country. So from that I went to the website because my tooth is about to explode.'

One by one, doctors met their needs. 'Anyone, it doesn't matter. We don't check income. We don't check if you have insurance. It's a first come, first serve to anybody. The only stipulation is you have to be over 18 years old,' Alyssa McDonald said.

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