VIRGINIA BEACH - The $4.2 million bike path along Shore Drive in Va. Beach is complete.

The path got the green light after several cyclists had been hit by cars.

The westbound route, the second phase of the project, was just completed.

The project widened the shoulders, add rumble strips and thermoplastic marking and reflectors and other safety improvements along a 3.5 mile stretch of the busy corridor.

Eastbound work began on November 17, 2011 from Kendall Street to 83rd Street. Westbound work in that same area began in November 2012 and has just wrapped up.

Public Works officials say the project was part of the City's Comprehensive Plan and Master Transportation Plan adopted in 2009, and the City's Bikeways and Trails Plan that was adopted in April 2011. This project was part of the almost 30 miles of bike routes that have been added over the last year.

'What got this started was a simple concern for a fellow rider Jim Dunham who was struck by a hit-and-run driver in an unsafe section of Shore Drive,' said Bill Conoscenti, Vice President, Tripower Cycling Club, in a news release from the city. 'These new safety zones are an incredible pathway that will make traveling along Shore Drive a much safer process for all.'

Bruce Drees, president of the Tidewater Bicycle Association, said this project is bringing back cyclists who'd given up on traveling Shore Drive.

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