VIRGINIA BEACH (AP) -- The Navy honored two divers who died mysteriously during underwater operations at Aberdeen Proving Ground near Baltimore.

Their unit held a memorial service Thursday in Virginia Beach for Navy Diver 1st Class James Reyher of Caldwell, Ohio, and Navy Diver 2nd Class Ryan Harris of Gladstone, Mo.

A spokesman says more than 400 people attended the service. Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 2 Commander Michael Runkle says Reyher and Harris were heroes and extraordinary men who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The memorial included remembrances and sea stories of Reyher and Harris from fellow Navy Divers and concluded with the playing of taps.

They died Feb. 26, less than four weeks after a civilian diver perished in the same test pond.

The deaths at the so-called Super Pond have prompted five separate investigations by military and federal agencies.

The pond is used to test vessels and weapons.

An investigation to determine the cause of the accident is currently ongoing and is being conducted by Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group (EODGRU) 2.

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