NORFOLK -- Expect delays throughout the day if you need to go from Southside to the Peninsula through the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel.

VDOT spokeswoman Brooke Grow said a cross riser ruptured, which she explained is a water line under I-64, causing a three to four square foot pothole. The water main was turned off so road repairs could be made.

She stated the pothole in the left lane will require a full lane repair, so traffic will be stopped off and on as needed. The work includes saw cutting and placing new materials in the road on I-64 West at the tunnel.

According to Grow, 'This is a long term pothole repair in place now. Crews will schedule overnight work to repair the cross riser. This repair of the cross riser could take up to two weeks of overnight closures to fully repair.'

Traffic was stopped for about an hour around 9:15 a.m, which backed up traffic beyond Tidewater Drive.

VDOT advises drivers to use the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel as an alternate route.

Drivers in Va. Beach dealt with a pothole problem on I-264 Monday morning. It was caused by the freeze-thaw from the overnight cold weather, Grow stated.

'These types of potholes are to be expected and are common in spring. Two center lanes were blocked at 8:40 a.m. and we reopened 9:30 a.m., she added.

VDOT contractor TME filled the pothole, she stated.

Grow expects all lanes to be reopened by rush hour.

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