VIRGINIA BEACH--On a military tour Monday, Virginia Sen. im Kaine stopped by the commissary at Naval Air Station Oceana to talk with workers scheduled for government furloughs.

The Department of Defense announced last week that because of worker furloughs, commissaries will close on Mondays from June through September.

'What I'm hearing from them is, 'Go up and try to get Congress to try to pay attention to these priorities and fund them the right way,'' says Kaine.

Initially the furloughs were scheduled to start in late April and were to last 22 weeks. Now, the number has been reduced to 14 weeks, but Kaine says more needs to be done.

'This is just one of the many indications in this area that this it not a game we're playing. We need to do the right thing by the budget and fund key priorities,' says Kaine.

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