VIRGINIA BEACH---There is an offer on the table to extend light rail into Virginia Beach.

Mayor Will Sessoms said he received an unsolicited proposal for a five-mile run from Newtown Road to Rosemont Road. Currently, The Tide runs from Newtown Rd. to the Eastern Virginia Medical Center complex on Brambleton Ave.

At a work session Tuesday, the developers told council members that they could have the line up and running by November 2016.

'It's exciting to have a private developer come forward,' said councilman Glenn Davis. 'It would be a great opportunity for the taxpayers.'

Some people who live near Rosemont like the idea and others weren't so sure.

Rohaji Dale said, 'I think it's an excellent idea. It's good for business. It's working great in Norfolk. I've ridden it. I think it's nice,' said Rohaji Dale.

'I don't know. It could either cut down on traffic or make it a lot worse. If it would cut down that, it would be great because I live over here and sucks getting to work every morning!' said Ashley Vaccarella.

City and state leaders say state and federal funding are key to the success of The Tide in Virginia Beach.

'Is state funding available to us? Is federal money available to us? You know by moving ahead, this project could begin construction in a relatively short period,' Mayor Sessoms said.

Virginia Beach city staff will take review the proposal and then present their findings to City Council.

If the Council signs off on the idea, the council will present it to the public and that would also allow other companies to offer competing bids.

Click here for information about Virginia Beach's effort to get light rail.

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