NORFOLK - Sampson was adopted last August from Norfolk Animal Control. Everyone was happy he had a forever home - or so they thought.

The dog was hit by a car on February 20 and the owners took him to the Dog and Cat Hospital in Ghent. He had a broken hind leg and fractured jaw and the owners couldn't afford the surgery.

Dr. Ronald Hallstrom took Sampson and did the surgery, putting pins in his leg and jaw on February 22. After getting through the surgery, the clinic called the Norfolk SPCA to see if it could take Sampson for his recovery and to find him another home.

'Our vet, Dr. Shannon Snoke, has since taken the pin our of his jaw. The Dog & Cat Hospital will do the surgery to take the pins out of his leg in about a month,' saidspokeswoman Michelle Williams.

Sampson, about a year old, is on his way to recovery and will be available for adoption.

'Not only is Sampson a great dog who deserves a chance, but it is a great story and partnership between a private vet and the SPCA,' Williams added.

'This dog - there's something special about him. It's so good to see that kind of generosity these days. It's why we got into the business,' Dr. Snoke stated.

Williams explained potential adopters will have to go through the SPCA's adoption process and a one-on-one interview with one of our canine care technicians. If they have another dog, there will have to be a dog-dog interaction test, too. The adoption will then be reviewed by a Manager before being approved.

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