NEWPORT NEWS---Engineers with the Department of Transportation conducted a safety inspection on the Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel Tuesday, following Monday's frightening tractor trailer crash on the southbound bridge span.

Engineers found the bridge is still structurally sound and doesn't need any additional repairs, but they will continue to monitor the situation.

Engineers told 13News the bridge's design may have prevented tragedy.

The concrete guard rails of the bridge, which are reinforced with steel, helped keep the 12-ton tractor-trailer from crashing into the water.

'When something hits them, they are meant to redirect cars and keep them on the bridge,' said VDOT engineer Jim Long. 'It keeps them close to the bridge, rather than going over, like we've seen in other places.

There is some cosmetic damage to the bridge, but Long says surprisingly, no major construction is needed.

Their biggest concern now is a sign that was hit by the truck.

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