CHESAPEAKE - Chesapeake's new backyard chicken law is ruffling feathers with some homeowners.

In November, City Council okayed a one-year test so residents could own as many as six laying hens. After that, the policy would be reviewed and could be made permanent or rescinded.

One woman who lives in the Etheridge Manor neighborhood was shocked to spot a chicken coop in her neighbor's yard.

'This isn't a farming neighborhood. It's full of swimming pools and fences,' she said.

City zoning rules require coops in the rear of the yard. She said the neighbor has agreed to move the coop further from the fence line.

'I have nothing in the world against farming, but there should be at least a 3-acre requirement. If this chicken law stays, the next thing could be pigs,' she added.

The Facebook group '4 Chesapeake Hens' explains that neighborhoods can set their own chicken rules.

'We don't know if you have a Homeowners' Association where you live, but if you do, the Association can address these kinds of issues, too. Please remember that Homeowners' Association rules are still in force.'

TheEtheridge Manor neighborhood does not have a homeowners association.

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