NEWPORT NEWS - A high school student could be expelled for having a look-alike gun on school property.

A Denbigh High School student reported the situation Wednesday morning, putting the school on lockdown for about 20 minutes.

Authorities searched in and around the school around 10:00 am. and found an airsoft pistol in a bush, said spokeswoman Michelle Price. She explained it resembles a Colt Mustang gun.

She also said a phone message has gone out to parents about the situation.

Online dealers say the airsoft guns fire 6mm 'bbs' and come in three types: automatic electric, gas powered and spring powered.

Newport News Police say no criminal charges will be placed against the student. It is not a 'firearm' and thus did not meet the state code for possessing a 'firearm' on school property, stated spokesman Lou Thurston.

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