BOSTON (AP) -- The director of the funeral home where Tamerlan Tsarnaev's body was held says he wants the public to know the family had the right to bury the body as they did.

Peter Stefan said Monday he may not agree with how things were done when the Boston Marathon bombing suspect was buried last week near Richmond, but it was legal.

Stefan's comments come as a group critical of the burial says it wants the body disinterred and sent elsewhere.

The chairman of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force called the burial 'an awful sneak attack.' The activist organization has also opposed establishment of an Islamic school in northern Virginia.

Stefan said Massachusetts law gives families the right to bury their relatives and they had a permit to take the body to Virginia.

Stefan would have preferred sending the body to Tsarnaev's family in Russia.

Lafferty says federal officials should investigate whether any laws were broken. Local and state officials already are doing so.

Lafferty predicted the site will become a shrine for Islamic jihadists. The group that helped facilitate the burial says it will not allow construction of any sort of monument or shrine.

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