WILLIAMSBURG Reports of hazing and humiliation have shut down a long-standing fraternity and launched a criminal investigation at the College of William and Mary.

In a letter to the student body at the end of the spring semester, William and Mary described some of the actions that led to the closure of the Epsilon Alpha Zeta chapter of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.

According to the college, the fraternity was placed under immediate suspension in late March for an incident involving alcohol and a new member. That investigation lead to a year-long suspension of on-campus housing for the fraternity.

In early April, more information surfaced, sparking another investigation that revealed a long-standing pattern of physical and mental abuse for fraternity recruits.

The college says on one occasion, new members had to run a six-hour marathon and perform other exercises that lasted an entire night.

Vice president for Student Affairs Virginia Ambler released a statement to 13News saying, 'While the investigation could not prove every one of the allegations to be true, there was sufficient corroborating evidence for much of the hazing alleged in the complaint.'

Ambler said the international directors for Lambda Chi Alpha worked with William and Mary in closing the chapter, which won't be able to apply for reinstatement until 2018.

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