NORFOLK -- Figuring out which embryos will turn into pregnancies is a hot topic in reproductive medicine right now, and one company claims to have figured it out.

Three things determine an embryos viability: Symmetry, Fragmentation, and Timing.

Without those three elements, the chances of an embryo turning into a biologically well-formed and/or live baby are slim.

The EVMS Jones Institute says it has a vendor coming tomorrow, May 21st, to present a new product called Eeva, or 'Early Embryo viability Assessment,' that they claim will help doctors answer that hot question.

Eeva is an incubator and time-lapse camera that Dr. Jacob Mayer says would allow him to see the full development of an embryo, versus the once-a-day check he now gets by pulling the embryos out of the incubator for a few minutes at a time.

While pulling them out doesn't hurt the embryo, it isn't ideal to remove them from incubation.

Eeva allows doctors to keep embryos incubated until they determine he or she is ready for transfer.

Dr. Mayer says that it's a matter of when and not if the Jones Institute will buy Eeva.
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