SUFFOLK -- A Suffolk woman was found guilty of disorderly conduct Tuesday for mooning a bus full of kids last fall.

Lisa Grant was sentenced in General District Court to six months in jail, with five months suspended, and fined $250.

Grant tells 13News she never mooned anyone. She says she had a confrontation with John Yeates Middle School bus driver Melba Jordan Osborne after Osborne stopped to pick up kids near the corner of Brookwood Drive and Brookwood Court. About 50 kids were on the bus.

'We start walking and she's (Osborne) still yelling at me, and my neighbor over here heard her yelling at me, and I'm still walking, carrying my daughter in my arms. When I got down here, I told her to kiss my white... That was right here in front of my house, and the bus stop is at the corner down there, and none of the kids could see,' said Grant.

Grant says she had her 4-year-old in her arms and was walking with her 14-year-old son.

'All was trying to do is stand up for my son and find out why he was being harassed, and obviously I got the worst end of the deal and she was not punished,' said Grant.

Days before the incident, Osborne sent a conduct notice home with Grant's 14-year-old son, who had been assigned a seat at the front of the bus due to his misbehavior. Grant said Osbourne's allegations of her son's misbehavior changed in court.

'She said that he was jumping the seats and this and that, but on the warning he got, it said that he was giving 'dap' to another student,' said Grant.

Grant said she will be allowed to serve her month of jail time as weekend detention but she is also looking at the possibility of serving the sentence on house-arrest.

While Grant wished the bus driver would have been punished for her involvement in the incident, she says it's her son who's really suffering. Grant said the teen no longer rides the bus to school with his friends and his grades have been slipping since the incident.

'In court yesterday, she continued to act like she was the victim and she was never the victim, and I was never the victim, it's my son that's the victim,' said Grant.

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