NORFOLK--A city councilman is calling for a safety update on a deteriorating Norfolk building, following the deadly building collapse in Philadelphia.

Councilman Andy Protogyrou is concerned about the century-old former Banker's Trust building, located at 161 Granby Street.

'We don't want something like that to happen in Norfolk,' Protogyrou said.

Since 2006, city inspectors have raised concerns about the building, noting it is falling apart and leaning slightly to the north.

Earlier this year, the city paid to make some repairs in order to stop the building's bricks from falling to the street.

'This is a completely different situation than in Philadelphia,' City Planner Frank Duke said.

In Philadelphia, a four-story wall fell from a vacant building. A crane operator has been charged with causing the accident that killed six people and injured several more.

Duke explained the vacant building is structurally safe. He said only the small area around the roof is weak, but is supported by a scaffolding.

US Development Company recently purchased the site. The company from South Carolina plans to restore the building with apartments and retail businesses.

Protogyrou is requesting an update from US Development Company to make sure the construction plans are safe.

Duke explained US Development workers are planning to tour the entire building to evaluate what work needs to be done. Duke says he is pushing to get a copy of the company's plans within 90 days.

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