RICHMOND - Gov,. Bob McDonnell will ceremonially sign landmark K-12 education reform legislation Monday afternoon in Richmond.

Governor McDonnell will be joined by Secretary of Education Laura Fornash, legislators and education policy leaders at the Capitol Building in the Governor's Ceremonial Cabinet Conference Room.

There's a new grading system. The A-F grading system does not replace accreditation. The letter grades will be in addition the accreditation ratings schools earn under the Board of Education’s accountability regulations.

By law, teacher performance evaluations are now required annually and training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use or heart defibrillators becomes mandatory for public school teachers and nearly all high school students.

School boards must adopt anti-bullying policies. Public schools also will be required to develop teams to assess security threats and conduct at least two lockdown drills per year, measures enacted with near-unanimous backing after December's elementary school shootings in Newtown, Conn.

The signing ceremony is at 3:30 p.m.


-HB2346, Requires every public school to have at least two lock-down drills per year. (Chapter 609)
-HB1871, Requires school boards to define bullying and include policies and procedures for combatting it in their student codes of conduct. (Chapter 575)
-HB1999, Imposes on individual schools an A-through-F grading system to assess its performance and requires the State Board of Education to approve student growth indicators for use in accrediting schools by July 31. (Chapter 672)
-HB2151 and SB1223, Requires annual performance evaluations for teachers, principals and assistant principals of public schools and extends the probationary period before teachers are eligible for continuing contracts from three to five years. (Chapters 588 and 650)
-HB2344, Requires local school divisions to establish threat-assessment teams and critical incident response training programs. (Chapter 710)

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