CARROLLTON-- Joe spent a couple of hours learning how to spray for mosquitoes in Carrollton with a company called Mosquito Joe.

The company likes to refer to all their guys in the field as the 'Joe's.'

Joe Flanagan watched Marz Berrios who did all the spraying. Berrios is a 'Joe' who does all the hard work, rain or shine.

'As long as it dries because it's a fine mist that comes out of the blower, so fifteen minutes and it's dry,' Berrios said.

Joe said everything he needed was in the truck and in the pack on his back.

'The job can be tough. The tech's initially may say it's not too tough, but the sun can take it's toll. You are carrying a 60-pound pack and a blower with water mix on your back, and you are going around the properties,' said Marcel Berrios.

Like something right out of the movie Ghostbusters, Joe lead his four-man team into the bush. It was a commercial job at a church in Carrollton. They fanned out to spray either a synthetic chemical or an organic one, depending on the job.

'I'll tell ya, with 60 pounds on your back, you feel it. Now, we're going around to the back of the property for a big event they're going to be having here. Follow me guys,' Joe said.

There were seventeen acres to spray at the church for a function they were having. Joe said they sprayed and sprayed and sprayed some more.

So how would this Joe do?

'I think Joe Flanagan would be a great fit for us. We're ready to hire him and bring him on board. He's got the motivation behind it, he can carry a pack, and he's ready to go and he has the name to go with us he's a Joe,' said Marcel Berrios.

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