CHESAPEAKE - A South Norfolk discount store may soon be selling booze.

The Dollar General on Bainbridge Boulevard in Chesapeake has applied for a license with the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to sell beer and wine.

'We take in factors such as demographic trends and customer demand, competitive factors,' explained Kelsey Layer, a spokesperson for Dollar General. 'Really, it's just based on the customer's needs and the customer's demands.'

Some people living nearby worry the discounted drinks could spell trouble for their quiet neighborhood.

'I don't think it (neighborhood) needs that type of business around here. That's more for a corner liquor store. It really wouldn't fit in,' said Isaac Stowe, a regular customer of Dollar General.

Dollar General says since last year nearly 4,000 of its stores now sell beer and wine. The company says the growing trend offers cheap and convenient options to customers.

Critics say leave the alcohol sales to bars and liquor stores.

'I mean I'm a drinker, but I wouldn't want to go to Dollar General to get a beer,' said customer Elizabeth Moscrip.

The state still needs to approve the license.

Anyone who may have concerns can file objections with the state by going to The ABC Website or calling 1-800- 552-3200.

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