NEWPORT NEWS -- One of the men wanted in a shooting and carjacking was arrested Thursday afternoon.

Police say they were acting on a tip they received around 1:10 p.m. and conducted a traffic stop in the 300 block of Terminal Ave. It led to the arrest of Avery Pringle who was taken into custody without incident.

Police believe Pringle, along with another man, Cortez Bumphus, started shooting inside a home in Newsome Park South after carjacking one of the people who lives there.

Pringle has been charged Abduction, Carjacking, Burglary while armed to commit robbery, Attempted robbery, Robbery, Attempt to shoot in the commission of a felony, 6 counts of Use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and 6 counts of Conspiracy to commit a felony.

He was in the N.News jail under no bond Tuesday night.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred on July 11th at an apartment on Madison Avenue.

'I really couldn't hear anything. All I can hear is the ringing of gunfire in my ear,' said Antonio Hopes whose brother is the person Bumphus and Pringle are accused of carjacking.

Detective Charles Howser told 13News Now the pair heard some sort of rumor involving Hopes' brother. They supposedly confronted the brother outside a convenience store at 18th Street and Jefferson Avenue, then carjacked him.

Howser said they got back to the apartment on Madison Avenue expecting to get marijuana and money from him. They didn't expect to find Hopes who is a licensed gun owner. After one took a shot at him, he fired back. The exchange of gunfire took place in stages with bullet holes visible in virtually every part of the home.

'This is a wake-up call to me. It seems like I have to stay on my Ps and Qs 24 hours a day,' Hopes said. 'Really don't feel safe at all. I feel like I always have to have a gun by my side, a registered gun, at that.'

'It was a very small, enclosed, confined space. The apartment is not but so big, and the rooms are not but so big, and some of the exchanges were within five feet of each other. It's amazing we didn't have somebody seriously injured or killed,' noted Howser, who said Bumphus and Pringle ran out of the home.

Police are still looking for Bumphus. He faces charges of Abduction, Carjacking, Burglary while Armed to Commit Robbery, Attempt robbery, Robbery, Attempt to Shoot in the Commission of a Felony, Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony, Conspiracy to Commit a Felony and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon.

If you can help police find him ,call Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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