What is it? a detangling brush

What does it claim? to be the world's best detangling brush, causing no tears, no snags, no clumps and no tangles

Who tested it? 9-year-old Emma Eaton of Chesapeake, who's long hair usually has lots of knots

What Are The Instructions? You don't really need a lot of direction to use the Wet Brush. If you know how to brush your hair, you know how to use The Wet Brush.

What makes this brush different is that it has what the makers call 'intelliflex' bristles. They are thin, strong and very flexible. It's adaptive flexibility that allows the Wet Brush to eliminate all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping that sometimes comes with brushing your hair. Plus it does it with no split ends or hair loss.

Did it work ? Emma was very impressed. One run of the Wet Brush through her hair and she could tell it was different from any other brush she had tried. It went through her hair like a hot knife through butter. She says with the Wet Brush, she's actually looking forward to brushing her hair.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase The Wet Brush at Imagine Hair Salon in Virginia Beach for $11.

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