PORTSMOUTH -- A judge sentenced Freddie Hall, Jr. to life in prison Tuesday. Earlier this year, a jury found him guilty of murdering Jimmy Britt in Britt's home in Sterling Point in 2011.

'He will be serving time, and justice will be done there, but, still, there's no way, shape, or form we can ever bring my brother back,' William Britt said. 'He destroyed our lives.'

Britt and Hall knew each other for about 10 years, and they did business together. William Britt told 13News Now there had been some trouble between his brother and Hall before Britt's murder and that Britt tried distancing himself from Hall.

While the conviction brings legal resolution in William Britt's mind, there is a personal matter that leaves a hole in his heart. More than 2 years after the killing, police haven't found Jimmy Britt's body. They say Hall refuses to tell them where he left it after removing it from Britt's home.

'I'm gonna do whatever it takes to get my brother's remains back, and I am adamant about that,' said William Britt. 'I want my mother at least to know where my brother is when she passes on, and when I finally pass on, I want to know where my brother is.'

Britt's brother and mother have been offering a reward for information leading to the remains of Jimmy Britt. Recently, they increased the amount to $30,000.

William Britt offers another reward option. It's a 3-bedroom home in Gates County. He told 13News Now he will throw in a car from his dealership, anything that will bring his brother's remains home.

'When you're involved in a murder, there's no such thing as closure. Closure is if your family member passes away of a heart attack or something like that, natural causes. This was not a natural cause. This was a brutal murder,' said William Britt.

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