NORFOLK- Some residents are on edge ater several cars on their street are broken into on the same night.

It happened on Leicester Avenue near Chesapeake Boulevard in Ocean View.

'Its just kind of scary that it can happen fifty feet from my house,' said Patrick Knight, 'I'm trying to sleep at night not worry about if someone is trying to take something out of my car.'

You'll find a lot cars parked on the street of Knight's Ocean View neighborhood. . Most of the people who live here only get one parking spot in their apartment complex regardless of how many cars they have.

Knight didn't think parking on the street would make him a target for thieves.

I was coming out of my house.' he said, 'I was parked over there as i was walking to my car and saw that my window had been rolled down and I thought, oh. I must have left my window rolled down last night

But that wasn't the case. Someone had busted his car window out and ripped the radio inside from its console.

'Pretty much this is the window that was replaced'

Sadly, he wasnt the only one this happened to. 'So i called the police,' Knight said, 'And they said, 'Ok we'll be there soon' and I found out they were already here for someone else who had the same thing happen to them It was about 3 or 4 people who had their radio stolen out of their car that same night.'

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