VIRGINIA BEACH-- Martin Grube was a firefighter for 33 years and now takes fire scene video and uses the footage for training purposes and to help local media outlets.

When a jet crashed into Mayfair Mews apartments in April, 2012, Grube captured amazing video.

'It was a four-alarm fire. They just kept calling more and more apparatus. You had to worry about the smoke. The smoke had pieces of the plane, the carbon fibers in that,' Grube said.

Joe recently trained with Grube at his Rescue TV office. When the radio scanner alerts him to a fire they are out the door.

Grube explained to Joe what he sees at the scene. 'So real quickly, the firefighters checked to make sure he had water on his nozzle. The back man there is helping him with the hose and he is moving in. They're protected, they are upwind,' Grube said.

If Grube can't get to a fire he sends someone else. Rob Adams recently shot video of the Bay Island fire.

'So, here he's going to knock the fire down while the fireman is breaking out the window up top,' Grube explained.

As they watched Grube's videos, he told Joe there are 80 to 100 firefighter deaths each year and 70 percent of those are volunteers who don't get the training that bigger cities offer.

'What I don't like is seeing is people's homes destroyed. They don't have renters insurance. Get renters insurance. They lose everything,' Grube said.

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